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What's Great About Juto?

The best part about Juto is that you can build your app in less than one hour and then use it and test it straight away. You only start paying when you're ready to publish your app to the App Stores. This ensures the app does everything you need before you start paying for it.

Possible Use Cases

Any situation where you need an online form, where usability isn't dependent on internet connection, Juto could be just what you need.

These are only some possible use cases.

We're sure you can think of your own.

You can convert your existing checklists and create forms just for a particular workplace such as a work shed, or specific to a particular job, such as a construction site. Create forms that are specific only to your team leaders or foreman. Juto allows you to create as many forms as you want, with all the advantages offered from a tablet or mobile device such as GPS location, photos and digital signatures.

Create your own meeting plan checklists and leverage the power of your mobile device or tablet! Did you prepare all the documents you needed? How about snapping a picture of each document and have it automatically added to your checklist just to be sure? Assigning roles to participants? Just match a role to a person's name.
Have you tested all the equipment you might need? Have a separate form on your App just for that purpose. If you're too busy to do it yourself, have someone else do it. It's easy, they simply need to download the App on their device and they're ready to go!

We've all been there, when some things go pear-shaped and we need to document what happened, often carrying a few pages and a pencil for notes and a camera (usually our phones) for photographic evidence.
By creating your own Form App you can have incident report forms for different situations, all available at the touch of a button on your tablet or device and a lot easier to carry around!
Need photographic evidence? Just take a photo from within the App. Need witness testimonial and signature? We support digital signatures straight on you tablet or mobile device so there is no need for paper forms anymore. Need to document your location? We've got you covered with GPS Location.

Oh, and did we mention that since it's an App, anyone who needs access to it in your organisation can simply download it and have it ready on their phone anywhere?

Wandering around the mall with a clipboard and multiple forms or trying to entice people to stop by your desk or table and fill in a questionnaire is both time-consuming and not easy. What if you could remove at least some of the burden? Simply create your survey forms and publish your App to make it available to your representatives on their tablets or mobiles. Surveys can be processed as soon as a representative has finished one by sending the results to a designated email. What about location surveys? Use the GPS Location feature within our forms to know exactly where each survey was performed.

There are a great many different checklists available to make sure electrical equipment complies with standards. By digitising all the forms you use, you remove the need for paper forms. What's more, because all these forms are available from the App stores, they are available to anyone on your team with a phone. You can add mobile-specific functionality as well, such as photographic evidence and digital signature of the person(s) responsible for completing a particular checklist.

Remove the need to carry multiple paper forms and create forms specific to individual buildings with our App! Have a single form per building, or multiple ones! You can create a safety inspection form and an electrical compliance checklist for a particular industrial building, a tenancy inspection form for an apartment building and a termite inspection list for any townhouse yo might manage, all available on the mobile device of your choice for you and your team.

What is involved in making my form app?