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Need forms to make your business work better?

Create your own form app in less than an hour.

What is Juto?

Juto is a mobile app builder that allows every day users to create their own form oriented app which can be uploaded to the App Stores and accessed by clients, customers or staff.

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It doesn't cost anything to make and test a form. Charges only apply when you're ready to publish. It is free to try and experiment.

How it works

Create forms on Juto
Form creation

Use the simple toolbox to create the form elements and actions you want in the app.

Build your app
Build the app

Click Build App and your app is ready for testing.

Publish your app
Publish the app

Juto will handle the submission to the App Stores, ready for use in the wild.

What can Juto do that others can't?

  • Distribute via the various App Stores
  • Forms run natively on the user device
  • Ability to customize form branding in a mobile specific and friendly way
  • User can an upload photos, add signatures and access gps detail
  • Ability to administer explicit user access control
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Who are we?

Juto is developed by the team of developers at The App Workshop, a Perth based app development consultancy. The App Workshop is committed to excellent customer service and prides itself on its skills in consultation, communication and adaptablility, and depth and breadth of technical expertise.

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